Welcome to luthre!

Why did I start this blog? it’s simple…I want to share my journey of creating. I draw, love photography, playing music and sewing.

In this first post I want to introduce you to my methods for creating technology satchels, crossbody bags, backpacks, and upcycling and repurposing items from resale shops. I started sewing because I couldn’t find a men’s bag that met all of my needs for regular daily use. It needed to meet the following demands:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Able to fit an ipad/ 12 inch laptop
  • Have minimal pockets (preferably just one on the outside and one on the inside)
  • Made of leather
  • Well made and Durable
  • Crossbody or sling style
  • Masculine (not just a repurposed women’s purse as many designers do now)
  • Able to be worn with jeans and a suit/sports coat

There were some out there from major brands that I tried but the quality was lacking. As a result, I started learning to sew to create what I envisioned. 10 months later I am making custom commissioned bags for clients.

I initially started sewing on my wife’s Brother sewing machine but I prefer Singer sewing machines because I’ve seen firsthand how durable they are (my mother has exclusively used Singer machines since I was very young and many of them still work) . Here is a list of my current hardware: