Mood Fabrics in NYC — where designers shop

Mood Designer Fabrics is a local staple in New York City’s garment district for fashion designers. Some of the most famous designers in the fashion industry frequent this store. I first learned about Mood Fabrics while watching Project Runway. Out of curiosity I had to visit on a recent trip to New York.

After my visit to Mood I understand why it is a favorite for designers. Here are my observations:

  • They have more inventory and selections of various types of fabrics
  • They have a higher quality selection of fabrics
  • The store is very well organized
  • The selection of accessories
  • The selection of sewing tools
  • Customer service and knowledge of the workers
INVENTORY: Mood has rows of the same type of fabric and different colors, patterns etc of the fabric on that row. There are three levels of rows and rows of fabric like what is pictured above.
QUALITY: I visited Mood specifically to find unique leather sides and hides. The quality of the leather was the best I’ve ever seen. I bought some unique brown lamb skin leather just to make something for my wife and I.
ORGANIZATION: Each area in Mood is labeled well and organized by color. It was very easy for me to find what I was looking for
ACCESSORIES: They have every kind of button, fastener, patches etc. organized into sections