who is luthre

(Self portrait drawing and photo by me)

In 2018 I started exploring ways to create wearable art. I’ve always loved to draw and now I do most of that drawing digitally. Creating digital art presents many opportunities due to the vector files created when you are finished. With this in mind I started using my wife’s cricut machine to put my drawings on T-shirts and hats. I began creating the drawings specifically to be cut by the machine to be put on clothing, etc.

At the same time I was trying to find a men’s satchel more masculine in nature, comfortable to wear, inconspicuous and stylish that could be worn all the time to also put art on. Mens fashion trends have changed because of technology and as a result men are looking for more ways to express their personal style and carry around these devices at the same time.

I started teaching myself to sew so I could create what i envisioned for myself. My mom is a seamstress so she gave me valuable advice on technique. This is how the Luthre Brand was born. Luthre is my middle name and the brand of satchels and wearable art I make are extensions of me.

I am a reluctant fashion designer. Usually when you‘ve solved a problem for yourself others need the same problem solved. This blog is created to talk about my creative process, cover men’s fashion trends and how what I create addresses some of those trends. I hope it in some way encourages you to create as well!

(image by Ethan Hodges)
(image by Ambitious Nature)